In case you haven’t noticed…

Suddenly there are menus and widgets all over the place?  WTF is going on?

Actually, those widgets and menus were always there… you just couldn’t really see them.

There has been something of a face lift here at Id’s Redbook.  I really, really liked the old theme… except for one tiny, little detail.  All of the widgets and menus were at the bottom of the page.  Like, dead last, below the post, the comments, and everything else.  If I could have just placed them in a side bar, it would have been perfect, but nooooooooooo that’s not possible with that theme (it might have been possible if I was willing to shell out $30 for a “custom” theme, but fuck that).

So, I’ve been wanting to tweak the page for a while now but never got around to it.  Today, I was stuck at home waiting for the mechanic to finish with my car, bored out of my mind, and decided to fuck around with it for a while.  This is a new theme we’re trying on for size.

The site is in no way perfect, it’s still a work in progress and it’s only marginally better than it was before, but at least you all can see the widgets and shit.

Now, if I could just figure out how to get rid of the stupid header on every post.

post header

So, if any of you tech-savvy geniuses out there know how to do that, I would appreciate a heads up.

Otherwise, stay tuned for your regularly scheduled broadcasts.

12 thoughts on “In case you haven’t noticed…

  1. I think it’s going to depend on the theme you have installed.

    Some themes let you move around certain things, like menu bars. Other’s have them locked in place. It would either be in the CSS or you could try the idiot proof customise feature?

    Sorry, I think that’s about as much help as I’m going to be…

  2. Unfortunately, you can’t take these away if the “customize” option under “themes” does not allow you too. It’s dependant on the theme you selects and with the free version of wordpress, you don’t have that freedom with many themes.

    I guess you would have to look for another theme that gives you more freedom or have more of what you want.

    • Yeah, I’m still playing with it. All I want is simple and not too colorful, but apparently both of those things are hard to find, let alone finding them together. I’ll figure it out eventually, or just suck it up and live with it.

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