Yes, that’s my ass

johnny ass

Ann and I were having a conversation about the popularity of her blog the other day.  I kept telling her that she’s practically a celebrity, she said it was only because she showed her tits.  They are pretty amazing.

The conversation went something like this:

Me: Yeah, and [your tits] are extraordinary.  Mine wouldn’t generate much traffic.  😉

Ann: Your ass would.

Me: ROFL.  Maybe I should test that theory.

Now, I have a pretty nice ass if I do say so myself.  I run, hike, and wrestle.  But how does a heterosexual male’s ass stack up against a beautiful woman’s breasts?  Even a nice ass, such as mine, couldn’t possibly match breasts, there just isn’t a market for it.  Who wants to look at a dude’s ass?  Eh, some women and maybe a few gay guys.  Who wants to look at nice tits?  Fucking every dude on the planet.

Ann thinks I have a fantastic ass.  She thinks the hits on my blog would rocket if I posted a pic.

Well, we decided to make this interesting.  If I’m right, and I get fewer hits than her tits did, I get to write a post for her blog.  If she’s right, and I get as many or more, she gets to put up whatever she wants here.

As if there is any doubt, there’s no way my ass gets more hits than her tits.  But it will be up to all of you readers to prove me right.

So, without further ado, here is my ass:

my favorite s

And yes, that is actually my ass.  I took that photo specifically for all of you, though Ann helped pick out the best one.


22 thoughts on “Yes, that’s my ass

  1. I like it! That reminds me, once upon a time my profile picture for a casual sex / hookup site was my ass. Got lots of positive feedback, so I guess it looked halfway decent.

  2. Yes photos do work. I have received emails from other bloggers (women and men) that profess that the written material should speak for itself without seductive pictures, and if I need to use the pics then my writing must not be that good. I haven’t found a response to that yet.
    Yes, my photos probably do gain me followers and I am perfectly okay with that. I am sure some of them read the content too.

    Great contest! I am torn as to who I want to win!

  3. Well, hello! I’ll have to thank Ann for her brilliant idea. Your ass is delightful and your muscular thighs are giving it some competition too! I love a man with powerful thighs. I think naked pic Mondays might be in order.

    • Yes, they are delightful, aren’t they? I told you he wasn’t fragile.

      And sorry, but I think naked pic Mondays will be vetoed, despite any obvious drooling from the female fan base ;). But, if I win, maybe I’ll put more pics of him up on his blog. See what I just did there??

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