Strange sex scene

I’m a rabid reader, I always have a couple books going.  Normally, what I’ll do is check out the free books listed on Amazon in whatever genre I’m feeling like reading.  Of course, free books are of questionable quality sometimes, but that can be half the fun.

Yesterday though, I read a strange sex scene that actually really creeped me out.  I’m not going to call out the author or book here because I’m sure the writer put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into writing it.  She’s a self-published author and I think this is her only book, so she deserves a lot of credit for putting herself out there.

The book is about America after some crazy nuclear attacks that wipe out huge portions of the states.  The survivors are running around, trying to find food and group together, and fight the crazy-violent-types that come out of the woodwork.  There are some really strange themes that run through the book, military branches, patriotic, magic, weird sexual stuff, and man vs. nature stuff too.

Anyway, this sex scene.

One of the main characters is supposed to be like a modern day savior, gathering survivors and trying to do all the right things.  He’s the leader of this uber-patriotic group.  We’ll call him “A”.

There is a sexy, self-centered, ex-stripper that is trying to sleep her way to the top of A’s group.  We’ll call her chick “B”.  She hooks up with the second-in-command, basically turns him into a drunk, and turns him against the leader.  The second-in-command tries to kill the leader, A, but loses and is killed himself.  Chick B then resumes her efforts to seduce A.

A is convinced that this chick is a horrible person who got his friend killed.  So, what does he do to get back at her?  He fucks her brains out.  Gives her the time of her life.

A allows himself to be “seduced”, gives chick B a bunch of orgasms, then right before he cums he tells her she better enjoy it because it’s never happening again.  Then he cums and kicks her out of his tent.  All she wants is him and his power, so her gives her a sample of how good it could have been, then makes sure she knows it’ll never happen again.  She got those few minutes in “heaven”, getting the taste of what she wants, so close, then is very explicit in making sure she knows that’s as close as she will ever get.

He did it all to fuck with her head.

She’s pissed off and tries telling the whole camp that they slept together, but A denies it and no one believes her.

What bothered me so much about this scene was that for the “savior” of the new world, that is one sadistic fucking thing to do to someone.  It’s twisted.  Who the fuck thinks like that?  Is this dude the one that’s going to “save” America?  I mean, sure, guys can be weak and fuck the wrong chick, but to fuck them in a purposeful, vindictive way?  Like a punishment?  It’s creepy.

And that’s when I noticed that the writer was a woman.  Do women think like that?  That’s some twisted shit right there.

boogie penis s

I put the book away shortly after that scene, it’s one of the very few that I just didn’t have the heart to finish.  It wasn’t just because of that scene, there were too many weird things going on and I didn’t like any of the characters.  The themes were really strange too.  That’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to put up the title of the book, I didn’t finish it so I don’t want to do an actual review here.  I’ll let everyone else form their own opinions.

But that one scene was sick enough that it really stood out to me.  Ugh, almost makes my skin crawl.

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