Life, stress, and love

(Just an interesting note, I thought I knew where this post was going, but I didn’t.  Half way through, I had an “Oh, my god…” moment.)

ying yang s

The last two weeks have been really rough for me, in case any of you hadn’t noticed.

I am not a fan of stress.  I can handle stress fine in small doses, at regular intervals, with a chance to get my equilibrium back between the intervals.  When I get constantly bombarded with stress I tend to shut down, get kind of depressed, and require some serious down time before I can get back to normal.  I know all of this about myself, so I try to manage my stress very carefully.

The last two weeks have been absolutely insane at work.  I knew it was going to be bad, I tried to be prepared for it, but it has been two weeks of constant, never ending problems.  One after the other, all day, every day.  I would be busy all day at work, then get texts, emails, and calls for half the night, get very little sleep, and repeat it all the next day.  Over and over.  Every day the stress built on the stress from the day before, accumulating, because I didn’t have any time to decompress.

Day after day after day… for the last two weeks.  I felt like I was coming apart at the seams.

I like to think of my mindset in three basic ways; up, down, and somewhere in the middle.  I’m almost never down, but I’ve definitely had more than a few down days over the past two weeks.

Today marked the end of the worst of it.  I’m well over the top of the ridge, it should be all down hill from here.  My schedule has drastically lightened up, it feels like so much pressure has been released.

I survived.  I feel insanely relieved right now.

And do you know what else I really appreciate right now?  Actually, I should say, who I really appreciate right now?  Ann. Continue reading

Naked Thursday #14

For all of you noobs, you can read the explanation and previous posts on the Naked Thursday page.  (Thank you to Pornclerk Chronicles for this week’s topic)

There are some things that are wonderful on Naked Thursdays, other things not so much.

naked bacon s


One of the things you might want to avoid on Naked Thursday is cooking bacon.

I know, I know, bacon is the fifth food group, it’s the best fucking food on the planet, etc.  I know all that… but if you absolutely have to make those candied bacon strips, or bacon-wrapped deep fried hot dogs, or chicken-fried bacon, or bacon ice cream… you get the idea, bacon is fucking fantastic with everything… you might want to cook it up on Wednesday.

Damn, writing this is making me hungry for bacon.  Hmmm… bacon. Continue reading