Poetry Feedback – # 1

Alright, when I put out a call to poets I got two fast responses.  So, first off, a big thank you to the two open minded poets.  This will be the first review, the second will soon follow.

Before I get to the review, I wanted to reply to part of the comment that Shawn L Bird left on the “Poets” post when she submitted her poem.

“Practising is the only way to get there. Reading other poets and writing poetry is the only way to improve. Modelling what you see and stretching for your unique view requires writing, writing, writing.”

I have to respectfully disagree with this statement.  Yes, getting the words out is extremely important, the more a person writes the better.  Absolutely.  However, writing in a vacuum does not improve one’s ability at all.  That’s like writing a paper for an English teacher and never getting graded (Yes Shawn, I read your profile.  No, I’m not a stalker).  The only way to truly improve is to be questioned, to be challenged.  Without getting honest feedback, a writer will reach a certain point and become static.  The only way to grow and progress is to be constantly questioned, to be dragged through the mud, to stumble and fall and get back up.  How can anyone raise the bar if there is no bar?

That’s why I have a problem with so many of the poetry sites I see on WordPress.  There’s a whole lot of mutual masturbation going on, stroking each other’s egos, and not a lot of constructive feedback.

Ok, that rant out of the way, on the to review! Continue reading