I’m continually amazed at the number of poets on WordPress.  More specifically, I’m amazed by how many terrible poets there are here.

poet s

When I got to college, like most young and dumb writers, I thought I was a hell of a poet.  It was a tough road to realize that I wasn’t.

My Junior level Creative Writing course was taught by a bitchy woman who hated poets, so I took everything she said with a heaping spoonful of salt.  I think she was a woman who’s writing career failed early and had to start teaching to pay the bills.  She was all sorts of pent up, angry, bitchy, and depressing.  She had a lot to say but I didn’t learn much there, I just put my head down and powered through it.

The Senior level course was totally the opposite.  It was taught by a fantastic, bubbly, published poet… but she was hard on my writing too.  The two teachers said a lot of the same things but, unlike the previous one, I actually listened to the Senior teacher.   And realized… Gasp, that I was a terrible poet. Continue reading