Naked Thursday #16

For all of you noobs, you can read the explanation and previous posts on the Naked Thursday page.

There are some things that work out well on Naked Thursday, other things not so much.

naked shopping s

Now, it’s probably pretty obvious that going to the mall is not a good idea on Naked Thursday.  There would be a few benefits to going, you’d never have to get undressed first in the changing room.  Hell, you wouldn’t even need a changing room, the employees would be urging you to try things on as soon as you step in the door.  And yet, it’s not a good idea.

There are a whole host of reasons why it wouldn’t go well.  There are all the Moms browsing the aisles, kids in tow.  There are all the squeamish shop workers that don’t want your… parts touching the items for sale, and I can’t imagine a nude blogger would attract customers to the store -quite the opposite I’m sure.  Then, there are all those over-eager, poorly trained mall cops just itching for an excuse to bust out their stun guns.

But, by far, the biggest reason why it’s a terrible idea to go to the mall on Naked Thursday is where the hell would you keep your wallet?


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Father’s Wisdom pt 2

I used to seriously wonder if I was adopted.

When I was IQ tested at a young age my mother refused to tell me the score.  The only reason I asked about it, personally I didn’t much care, was because one of my close friends at the time used to run around declaring he was a genius because he had an IQ of 145.  My mom said I was in the top percentiles with him but the actual number wasn’t important.  I’m not sure if she did that to protect my ego or his.

I’m a fairly intellectual guy (and egotistical), excellent at problem solving and logic, and no one else in my family is in the same intellectual categories as me.  I’m the first college graduate and by far the most successful of anyone in my family.  I remember when I was a teenager looking at my parents and feeling kind of ashamed by their lack of success and drive… and wondering where the hell my brains came from because obviously my parents weren’t that smart.

It took many years and far more life experience before I learned to appreciate the type of intelligence my parents have. Continue reading

Father’s Wisdom pt 1

This blog is sometimes paints a fairly one-sided portrait of me.  You see, writing tends to show my softer, thoughtful, more introspective side.  My more manly side doesn’t come through very often because of the topics I generally talk about here, emotions, sex, relationships, thinking, joking, etc.  But I am definitely no metrosexual, or even much of an intellectual, I literally grew up in the woods and was named after a Mountain Man that my Dad idolized.  I did write one previous post on Manly Attributes on blogger, which lays out some of my views.

So, I thought today I would spend a little time talking about my perspective on manhood.  These come almost directly from my Dad, who’s wisdom on the topic I appreciate more and more as the years go by.  Some of this might come across as sexist, or even cheesy and old fashioned, but PC or not here we go:

a man s Continue reading

A little bit about sex

This post is a lot about me and my views on sex.  I’m not writing any of this to try and build myself up or put anyone down, I’m just trying to give another perspective and/or get people (mostly guys) thinking about how they approach sex.

I read a post a little earlier about a woman’s frustration over inadequate male sexual performance.  She said that most of the time the man cums and the sex is over, no matter how close (or far) the woman is from orgasm, rolls over and falls asleep.  This is not an uncommon situation based on many of the posts I’ve read.

The problem tends to be that many men place all the importance of sex on the orgasm (to a lesser degree on her having one as well, it’s an ego boost).  Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am.  To a degree, in certain circumstances, I can understand this.  If you’ve been in a long term relationship for a while, busy lives, stressed, work too much, maybe throw in a couple kids, and only have limited time and energy for sex, I can see focusing on the orgasm a bit (even still, it should be mutual).  Sometimes, quickies are a lot of fun too.  Git-er-done, as  Larry the cable guy would say. Continue reading

Search Terms pt 1

I don’t normally pay much attention to the search terms that led someone to my blog.  Honestly, they usually aren’t worth checking, I rarely get any really fun ones.  However, this blog has been up long enough that when I checked the “summary” of all my search terms a few came up that were interesting.  There were enough that I’m breaking this into two posts.  Some are funny, some are creepy, and some are just confusing.

Here are some of my favorites in a segment I’m calling “Search Terms: what kind of creep are you?”

search terms s Continue reading

The Art of Seduction pt 4

Alright, so you’ve sent the girl of your dreams a photo of your cock (The Art of Seduction pt 1).  You’ve sent her an amazing first email (The Art of Seduction pt 2).   You’ve gotten dressed and ready for your first date (The Art of Seduction pt 3).

Now it’s time to pick a location.  There are a couple good reasons that you should choose the location instead of letting your date.

First, it’s always better to choose a place closer to where she lives.  That way if things go really well the two of you end up at her place because it’s closer.  Her place is better because you really don’t want her to see the pile of “happy socks” by your bed, the toilet that hasn’t been scrubbed in years, the pile of pizza boxes by the door, the overflowing recycle bin full of beer bottles, and the dishes that are growing rare strains of bacteria in your sink.  Those kinds of things will definitely kill the mood.

Secondly, chicks like it when you show initiative.  By picking the location she thinks you’re a little more assertive, more driven, and opinionated than you actually are.  If you tell your date that you don’t care where you go she will probably think that you’re a lazy, slacking, un-opinionated loser… unless you’re suave like me and say something like “No, babe.  I don’t care where we go as long as I get to spend that time with you.”  Shit like that makes chicks wet.

Ok, so it’s a good idea for you to pick the location, but how do you chose? Continue reading

Naked Thursday #15

For all of you noobs, you can read the explanation and previous posts on the Naked Thursday page.

There are some things that not real good to do on Naked Thursdays, other things work out pretty well.

Naked video camera s

One of the things that works out well is buying that fancy new video camera you’ve been drooling over.

You want to do some home videos?  Naked home videos.  You want to make a sex tape?  Naked sex tape.   Want to catch your kid’s soccer game on video?  …Ok, you might not want to do this one on Thursday.  Parents tend to have pretty conservative views of naked people around their kids.

Even better than one camera, you could buy and set up dozens.

You could rig up your house like it is going to be the next Big Brother house.  Capture your entire life on video tape, ever wrinkle and fart.  After a few Naked Thursdays, you could probably sell all that video to one of the cable channels.  It seems like that’s the new twist on reality TV, naked reality TV.  You could be the next big star!  Like the Kardashians!

Actually, can you think of any celebrity-reality-TV-stars that aren’t assholes?  Maybe you should keep the tapes to yourself.


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In case you haven’t noticed…

Suddenly there are menus and widgets all over the place?  WTF is going on?

Actually, those widgets and menus were always there… you just couldn’t really see them.

There has been something of a face lift here at Id’s Redbook.  I really, really liked the old theme… except for one tiny, little detail.  All of the widgets and menus were at the bottom of the page.  Like, dead last, below the post, the comments, and everything else.  If I could have just placed them in a side bar, it would have been perfect, but nooooooooooo that’s not possible with that theme (it might have been possible if I was willing to shell out $30 for a “custom” theme, but fuck that).

So, I’ve been wanting to tweak the page for a while now but never got around to it.  Today, I was stuck at home waiting for the mechanic to finish with my car, bored out of my mind, and decided to fuck around with it for a while.  This is a new theme we’re trying on for size.

The site is in no way perfect, it’s still a work in progress and it’s only marginally better than it was before, but at least you all can see the widgets and shit.

Now, if I could just figure out how to get rid of the stupid header on every post.

post header

So, if any of you tech-savvy geniuses out there know how to do that, I would appreciate a heads up.

Otherwise, stay tuned for your regularly scheduled broadcasts.

Results – Tits vs. Ass

I genuinely don’t care about my stats.  I write purely for my own pleasure, this is my safe place to vent and have fun, and if my posts amuse other people that’s just a fringe benefit.  So, this “Tits vs. Ass” experiment was purely for entertainment purposes.

In case you didn’t notice yesterday, Ann and I had a bet going.  She thought if I posted a picture of my ass I would get as many hits as she did when she posted her tits.  She was surprised when I decided to test out the theory, and we made it interesting by betting a guest post on the other’s blog.  If I was right, and I got fewer hits, than I could post whatever I want on her blog.  If she was right, and I got as many or more hits, she could put up whatever she wanted on mine.

So, yesterday, I posted a photo of my ass.  My first ever nudie pic posted on this site.

Normally, I only check my stats for amusement, but yesterday I was glued to my phone.  “How many hits has my ass gotten so far?”  I must have checked my stats every hour, on the hour.  I took a bunch of screen shots and send them to Ann.  I was obsessed with the data.  It was a fun distraction.  “Am I going to win the bet?” Continue reading