Why I’m not a slut… anymore

It often surprises people when I tell them that I don’t try and get laid when I’m between relationships.  Popular opinion would say that all men are constantly trying to get into a woman’s pants, any woman’s pants.  I can’t vouch for all men, but that certainly isn’t the case for me.  Anymore, at least.

Why not?  Because of nights like this one:

Last year I was going through a dry spell, but worse than that I was really bored.

One night I get a message on one of the dating sites from an attractive older lady.  A lot older.  She was actually only a few years younger than my Mom.  I don’t mind an age gap but this was practically a generational gap.  Normally that would be an instant disqualification for me… but I was bored and she had a nice profile.  She seemed like a genuine person and was interested in me, big points in her favor.  We’ll call her Christine.

Christine was looking for a serious to long term relationship, or at least that’s what she had listed on her profile.  I was still recently divorced and not looking for anything long term at all.

But…  I was bored so I wrote her back.  She wanted to meet up for drinks that Friday night. Continue reading