On Writing

One of my goals for the year is to slowly evolve into more of a writer.  I’ve always wanted to be a writer but never seemed to make the time to do it properly.  I love reading, always have a couple books going, and it’s been a dream to write my own novels.

There’s nothing wrong with blogging, in fact I enjoy it quite a bit… but blogging isn’t necessarily writing in my mind.  Oh, there are some fantastic writers who blog and some bloggers who write extremely well, but in my opinion there’s a world of difference between writing a journal (or blog) and writing a book, story, or poem (Don’t get me started on the differences between those formats, I’ve got some strong opinions.).

So, I’ve been putting aside time for just writing.  I even joined a few writing groups to keep my motivation up.

My daughter loves to read and now lives thousands of miles away from me.  I thought a fun project would be to write a story for her.  It would be a way for us to connect despite the distance.

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