Naked Thursday #10

For all of you noobs, you can read the explanation and previous posts on the Naked Thursday page.

(I’m not sure what’s up with WordPress this week, this Naked Thursday post has been scheduled for Thursday the 19th… but WP posted it on Tuesday.  I took it down and rescheduled it.  Then WP posted it on Wednesday.  I took it down and rescheduled it.  Hopefully that was the last time I have the weird scheduling issues.  I spruced up the pics to try and make it up to you readers.)

There are some things that are good to do on Naked Thursday, other things are not so good.

Naked Models s

Like flying model airplanes.  You might think the sun and wind over your body would be awesome, and it is, but…

Let’s just put it this way, have you ever seen an 80’s horror movie?  They were pretty much all the same, some kind of silly looking toy-like monster that ends up killing a lot of people?  Yeah, spinning props, remote controls and dangerous flying machines… there’s just too many ways this can go wrong.  Stephen King would have a field day with this situation. Continue reading