Friday the 13th

Wow, today has capped off a rough couple of days.  The last few days I was half way across the country on business, jet lagged, having stressful meetings with various corporate bosses, and experiencing some chaffing in my long distance relationship with Ann.

Today, was the ridiculously early flight from way over there to way over here.  I was up at 5:30 in the morning, had to skip breakfast to make it to the airport early, was frustrated by the overwhelming construction efforts around the airport that required three loops around said airport to find the proper road to drop off the rental car, ten hours of travel time during which no meals were served (why thank you penny-pinching airlines, I want my money back), then arrived in my home state just in time for rush hour traffic.

I’m seriously jet-lagged, exhausted, my blood sugar is microscopic, pissed off, home alone with no food in the fridge (just came back from the trip), Ann is “out” and can’t talk (which I’m pretty sure is her polite way of saying she’s “otherwise occupied” for the evening), and all I want to do is get a complication-free BJ or crawl under a table somewhere with a bottle of Jack Daniels and cry myself to sleep.  Or both, get the BJ and then crawl under a table somewhere with a bottle of Jack Daniels and cry myself to sleep.

Or get in a fight.

drunk johnny s

I think it’s one of those strange male things.  When I’m feeling down I really, really want to fuck, drink, or pound someone’s face in.  Or all three, preferably.  Which means it would either be an awesome night at the bar or a night in the drunk tank with pending assault charges.  I probably shouldn’t push my luck and just stay home and drink myself stupid here.

Yeah, it’s one of those nights.  And it’s Friday the 13th.  Normally my mischievous-meter would be maxed out and I’d try to have some fun tonight but that’s probably not a good idea with my current state of mind.

Oh, and I have a date tomorrow night.  So, the whole “spending the night in jail” thing probably wouldn’t win me any points.  Or maybe it would, you never can tell with women.

So, to all of you readers out there: Cheers!  To Friday the 13th and avoiding jail time!  Cheers!  To exorcising the demons or at least drinking them under the table!


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