Dangerous Liasons

I recently discovered an odd and slightly disturbing side of myself.

There is a BBC show called Luther about a hard-boiled detective that solves murders.  In the very first episode he interviews a character called Alice Morgan and realizes that she’s an amazingly intelligent sociopath that murdered her parents.  Because of her intelligence Luther can’t find any evidence and she gets away with it.  After the interview Alice becomes fascinated by Luther, stalks him, and they develop something of a friendship.  She’s overt in her sexual interest in him but nothing ever really comes of it.

To be clearer, a sociopath is someone who essentially has no sense of empathy, no sense of morals, and absolutely no problem with taking a life.  Think of a shark, if it’s hungry it doesn’t hesitate to eat fish or other sharks.  She hung around Luther not because she actually “liked” him but because he interested her, like a spider playing with a funny looking fly.  There’s no question how that situation is going to end, only how long it will go on before the inevitable happens.  Needless to say, Luther was hesitant to jump into a deeper entanglement with her.

Now, before I lose you completely, something about the situation was strangely attractive to me.  That surprised me a bit, so I hesitated and sorted through what I thought of it.

luther and alice

In one scene, Alice is standing very close to Luther and inviting him to kiss her.  That scene started getting me all worked up.  Alice is an attractive woman but there was something about her smile that never reached her eyes.  Her eyes are cold, so why was she so freaking hot?  Why was this so appealing to me?

As I thought it out, I realized that the risk is what made it appealing.  Getting intimate with a serial killing sociopath?  Sexy, hot and very, very dangerous.  Talk about the ultimate thrill ride, sleeping with a woman would be as likely to kill you as make you coffee in the morning.  She could fuck your brains out or cut your throat at any second.  Ejaculating prematurely might just get you killed… but it’s like playing with fire, you can’t help yourself, you have to see how close you can get before getting burned.

There’s a definite link in many societies between violence and sex.  Look at half the romance novels on the shelves and it’s barbarian-warrior-swoons-over-barmaid, bad-boy-biker-and-the-college-student, or something similar.  And risk taking behavior is widely considered an aphrodisiac.  Danger, violence and sex are definitely related.

However, in most dangerous-romantic situations it’s the man that represents danger and risk.  In Luther it was the woman who was a dangerous one, a hairsbreadth from killing at any moment, and for some reason I found that really hot.  I mean, imagine turning your back on your lover and not knowing if there’s a knife hovering between your ribs.  Or falling asleep next to them and not knowing if you’ll wake up.  For some reason I found that idea incredibly attractive.  Insane, yes, I know, but attractive all the same.

On one hand, it seems crazy, but on the other hand I’m a little curious whether that attraction I felt is similar to what women feel around some men.  I mean, typically a guy is larger, stronger, and more prone to violence than a woman, so in any relationship there’s some risk on the woman’s part.  Maybe that risk is part of the attraction.  Especially considering that many women go for bad guys, big guys, mean guys, physical guys, or other guys that are physically riskier to women (think about how many women write guys in prison).  Are they getting that same kind of kick out of the risk that I described above?  That being in the presence of someone who could physically harm or kill you is arousing?

I think that attraction I felt is probably very similar to what women feel around some guys.  Usually, the woman isn’t risky physically, but when she is… that’s fucking hot.

The whole topic fascinates me.

So, if you know any female sociopathic murderers you should have them contact me.


9 thoughts on “Dangerous Liasons

  1. Brilliant sunmming up of the relationship between Luther and Alice Morgan. I was turned on to the show by my therapist and absolutely love it, the tension, the forbidden nature of their relationship, Alice’s urges to protect Luther. All that is forbidden carries some sexual charge for me.

  2. Yes is the answer. There is a direct correlation to risk/danger/uncertain life or death situations and arousal for me. When I was younger I found the “bad boy” quite appealing. Luckily, I grew out of that. Unless that bad boy grows up and becomes responsible, he is of no use. Usually ends up in prison. You may be interested in throwing a little dangerous sex play into your relationship. It produces the same passionate and heated adrenaline filled results. Role playing, risk situations…it all works. Leave the psycho women alone and find a sexually adventurous one instead. You will be happy to get a full night’s sleep without having to look over your shoulder.

  3. I’ll email you.

    Just kidding. I don’t quite fit that profile.

    However, you did get me to thinking. As a woman, I see power being part of the equation. When with someone larger, stronger and perhaps violent, a sense (perhaps misplaced) of power comes with that… being strong enough to handle the danger.

    • I can see that, maybe controlling or seducing someone that has that power. Making that power yours. Interesting.

      Oh, and sociopaths aren’t the only ones allowed to email me. 😉

      • Seducing. That’s the word I was looking for. Thank you. Yes. There is power in the seduction. And not just in the seduction of dangerous ones. It’s also the intelligent ones, ones in positions of power, the highly creative one, even the famous ones that feed the power-hungry id.

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