Emoticon cyber sex

I was chatting with Ann today and lamented the fact that there isn’t really a “horny” emoticon.  Winks are all cute but I wanted one that was a little hornier than that.  Where’s the one with “come fuck me” eyes?  Or gives a steamy, “I want to fuck you” look?

So, I decided to make my own…  Yeah, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  In fact, it turned into a bit of a process.  A long process that resulted in the following (I get carried away when I’m having fun):

horny smiley

horny smiley 3


horny smiley 5


horny smiley 7

That’s going where?

horny smiley 4

I see

horny smiley 2

Really?  Me too

horny smiley 10

Oh, shit.  You’re going to make me cum.

horny smiley 11

Oh yeah, baby.

horny smiley 8

I”m getting close.

horny smiley 9


horny smiley 12

fuckfuckfuckfuck fuck…

horny smiley 13

Whew… yeah.  Hmmm…

horny smiley 14

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