Emoticon cyber sex

I was chatting with Ann today and lamented the fact that there isn’t really a “horny” emoticon.  Winks are all cute but I wanted one that was a little hornier than that.  Where’s the one with “come fuck me” eyes?  Or gives a steamy, “I want to fuck you” look?

So, I decided to make my own…  Yeah, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  In fact, it turned into a bit of a process.  A long process that resulted in the following (I get carried away when I’m having fun):

horny smiley

horny smiley 3

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Naked Thursday #8

For all of you noobs, you can read the explanation and previous posts on the Naked Thursday page.

There are some things that work well on Naked Thursday and some things that do not.

One of the things that doesn’t go so well on Naked Thursday is tree climbing.

Nake tree

Maybe you’re trying to relive your glory days by climbing a tree, maybe you’re trying to pick apples, or maybe you’re trying to rescue the neighbor’s cat, but on Naked Thursday tree climbing is a bad idea.

Not only are you trying to climb a rough surface while completely exposed, things will only get spiral out of control when you realize you can’t get back down.  You’re stuck up in that tree, naked, and totally exposed to the entire neighborhood. Continue reading