Life is surreal sometimes

You ever end up in one of those situations where you just kind of laugh at yourself?  I feel like I’m constantly in one of those moments (Made My Morning).  This is another one of those times.

To properly appreciate this story you need to play the video and crank up the volume while reading.

(Yes, I have eclectic tastes)

Last Saturday was a really busy day.  I sold some old motorcycle parts that morning, making some good money.  Next, I cleared out part of my storage unit, so my car was packed with clothes, paintings and old guitars.  Then, I spent a few hours helping a buddy move.

I worked straight through until early afternoon.  By then I was filthy and sweaty.  I was also wearing this shirt:


On my way home I was starving, so I went to a local Chinese drive through.

I pulled up to the window with Tori Amos blaring on the car stereo, bopping along with the beat, and handed the dude a hundred dollar bill from a wallet stuffed with the money I made selling the motorcycle parts.  I sat there for a bit, waiting eagerly for the food to arrive.

Then, I noticed the strange looks I was getting from the cashier.  He was acting all shifty, he kept glancing over at me while counting out my change.

What the fuck is he looking at?

It took a few seconds to realized what was going on.  I was confusing the shit out of this poor dude.

This guy was looking at me and wondering what the fuck my deal was.  There I was in my beat up car, shaved head, tattoos, smelly, wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, blaring Tori Amos, car piled high with paintings and guitars, paying for Chinese take-out with a hundred dollar bill from a full wallet.  My car was so full I actually had to shove my Telecaster half-way off the passenger seat so I had a place to put down the food.

To me all of those strange dots were connected in a way that made perfect sense, but what did I look like to this stranger?  Usually it’s pretty easy to look at a person and categorize them based on different characteristics, but I was checking really random boxes that morning.

I had to laugh at myself as I drove away with the food.


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