Rape kit

A few weeks ago I was invited to go camping with a few friends.  I already had most of the things I needed but there were a few items I needed to pick up before leaving.  So, I made up a list and went to the department store.

I wandered through the aisles, picking out all the various items I needed.  I already had the tent and sleeping bag but I needed rope to tie up the tarp and a few smaller things like that.  Into the cart they went.

Then, I saw the sale on running shoes.  Not sure if you noticed in previous posts, but I’m a frequent runner and absolutely addicted to running shoes.  I never give women a hard time about her shoe collection because I have quite the collection going myself.  They might not be fashionable pumps but my shoe rack is over flowing with neon colors and racing stripes.

So, sale on running shoes?  Couldn’t pass that up.  I found a nice new pair and threw them in the cart too.

Finally, I got everything together and went up to the cashier.  Standing in line I reviewed my items:

1. Running shoes

2. Hoodie sweatshirt, dark colored

3. Rope

4. A knife

5. Duct tape

6. Gloves

7. Condoms (I was hoping to get lucky on the camping trip)

That’s when I realized that how suspicious those purchases look.  I mean, I’d basically just picked out all the items for a rape kit.  The only thing missing was a ski-mask.  If I was the cashier, I’d have cashed the customer out and immediately called the cops.

Luckily, the cashier wasn’t paying much attention but I did get some funny looks from the customer behind me.

camping s

4 thoughts on “Rape kit

  1. I would get all sorts of weird looks when I’d make a run toFred Myers to restock the items in my dead hooker disposal kits I was going through faster than paper towels.I finally threw my hands in the air and said “I quit!” Somebody else can start taking care of the hookers

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