That Awkward Moment – Sex

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I have a pretty standard morning routine, which typically means a little entertaining myself in the shower.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you probably should go back to your transformers blog or something.

The shower routine starts the day out with a smile and after my recent trip with Ann I have quite a few pleasant memories to reminisce about.

One particular memory inspired me this morning.  Later on I was messaging with Ann, trying to figure out how to explain the memory, and realized I should just write about it instead.

Ann and I were laying next to each other in the hotel bed, messing around a bit.  It’s so much fun getting her all worked up first thing in the morning.  There’s something fun and intimate about those early morning interludes, and she’s so gorgeous when she wakes up.  I was kissing her neck, sucking on her nipples.  Then I slid my fingers up and down her stomach, slowly working around to her hips and thighs.

Then I started gently tracing around her pussy with my finger tips.  Hearing her breath, her moans, and feeling her body respond to me was so arousing.  I started fingering her, finding all the most sensitive places inside and around her pussy.

We continued like this for a few minutes until she pushed me down on the bed and straddled me.  I love it when she does that, when she gets so worked up that she’s aggressive.  Her breasts were in my face, so I spent a few moments enjoying them while she maneuvered her hips on top of me.  She was already so wet, when she got the angle I slid right in.

There was no teasing, she was already so aroused that she took charge and I was happily along for the ride.  She dug her hips into mine, pushing down as I pushed up into her.  Then long, fast strokes.  We matched rhythms, so purposeful and deep.  It felt awesome and was incredible watching her on top of me.   It captivates me, watching her face and her body, so beautiful when she’s in such pleasure.

She leaned into me, putting all of her weight into each roll of her hips.  She was so aroused, already so close to cumming that she was almost rough, grinding into me with each thrust.  Faster and faster.  I matched her pace, thrusting up into her each time she pushed down onto me.  Pushing deeper and deeper.

Each thrust was bringing her closer and closer to cumming, and I was right there with her.  I could feel my own orgasm building, the tingles running up and down my legs, centered on my cock that was being ridden so well.  Her breath was getting faster, her breasts were right in my face, swelling with every inhale.   Together, each violent thrust, we were inching closer and closer.  She was so wet, so hot, each movement was delicious.  The electricity was building, every twitch was amazing with her pussy wrapped so tightly around me.

Her legs started to shake.  My legs started to quiver.  Closer and closer, two bodies so tightly joined.  So close to cumming at the same time.  My hands were on her hips, pulling her down onto me with each stroke.

She arced her back and we hit the sweet spot, the perfect angle for both of us.  It was spectacular.  She felt absolutely amazing, perfect in every way, each move of her hips brought such intense pleasure.

She was so close to cumming, I was a few thrusts away from bursting.  We’re right there, ravaging each other, way, way past the point of no return.

There’s practically a countdown going on in my head.  Four more thrusts and I’m going to cum.  Three more… two more…   We were both perfectly balanced on the precipice.

I was a thrust away from cumming and she orgasmed hard.  Really hard.  Her whole body contracts on top of me.  Her body locks up in intense pleasure.

No!  No no no no…. !   Don’t fucking stop moving right now!

She’s gorgeous, I love watching her cum while I’m deep inside her… but there I was, a thrust away from cumming, on that edge, and she couldn’t move.  Dear god, what I wouldn’t give for just two more fucking seconds!  Two fucking seconds!

I was frantic.

My hands were on her hips so I grabbed her tightly and started shoving her back and forth on my cock.  She’s still frozen in her orgasm and I force her body to fuck me.  I’m so close.

Back and forth, back and forth, while I’m thrusting upward.

It only takes a few seconds and I push up into her as hard as I can, lifting her body off the bed and cum inside her.  And I keep cumming.  And it’s fucking amazing.  She’s still cumming, I’m cumming and it’s fantastic.

She collapses onto me, we’re both covered in sweat and panting.

The pause between her orgasm and mine was probably only a second or two, but in the moment it felt like forever.  I remember those seconds like they lasted an hour, an hour of being so fucking close, so desperate to cum.  But there was something about that tiny hesitation, the anticipation, that meant when I finally came it was fantastic.

And that was the memory that was so inspiring this morning in the shower.  I thought about how to explain it to Ann but I really think telling the story is far better.

How’s that, Ann?  😉

6 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment – Sex

  1. Dang! Between you and a couple other blogs in following I’ve never read so much straight Porn in my life. The most surprising part is how much it’s turning me on.

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