Naked Thursday #6

For those of you unfamiliar with Naked Thursday, read the first post.

There are some things that go well with Naked Thursday, other things not so much.

Naked pets

One of the things that doesn’t go so well is giving your cat a bath.  This really should be self explanatory, but I’ll lay it out in case the obvious eludes you.

Cats have claws.  Cats don’t like water.  If you try and put said cat into said water, they will use said claws to rend any flesh within reach.  And if you are naked because it’s Naked Thursday, there were be lots and lots of flesh to rend.

Evil, devil cat.  Like trying to wrestle a porcupine.  Naked.  Not a good idea.  Actually, that is a good idea.  Maybe next week’s Naked Thursday post will be on porcupine wrestling.


If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see featured on Naked Thursday leave a comment below or visit the “Contact Me” page.


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