Ann pt 2

Ann pt 1 – Ann St Vincent and I live thousands of miles apart.  Until Ann and I met, we were writing about each other using pseudonyms, Ann’s was Julie.  Then, we flew to a central location and spent five days together.

long comic

Each of the rooms at the hotel had a different style. Ours was an “old mariner” style room, sailboats and knots on the wall paper. There was even a life preserver hanging on the wall with “Welcome Aboard” painted on it. Oddly appropriate, I think.

There’s always a little bit of awkwardness with a new lover.  It takes some time to find what the other person’s body likes, wants, and how it works with yours.  There was some of that awkwardness with Ann but we got past it pretty quickly.  And enthusiastically.


One of the things that really surprised me with Ann was how well we physically fit together and not just for sex. Well, there were quite a few physical surprises between the two of us, but the most surprising thing was how we well we just fit when we cuddled after sex and sleeping.

It had been years since I had literally slept with a woman. Sex is one thing, a awesome thing, but it’s a totally different level of intimacy than sleeping with someone in the same bed. Maybe that’s even more important than the sex itself, being so comfortable with someone that you can curl up next to them, naked, entirely vulnerable, and yet feel so safe as to fall asleep in their arms.

Most nights we would spoon, her back to my chest. Even asleep, I would hold her for most of the night. That amazed me, that it felt so natural and happened so easily. We were both exhausted, we’d flown in from significantly different time zones, and yet whenever we curled up for the night, or one of our frequent naps, we settled into our places like old lovers. All of the curves matched up, all of the arms had their natural places, my groin pressed tightly up against her ass, legs tangled together, with my breath on the back of her neck.

Those first two days we barely took breaks for food, both too exhausted from the time zone changes and too filled with lust. We’d wake up early, have sex, pop downstairs for breakfast, then back upstairs for another round and a nice long nap. Then, another round of sex after the nap, something easy for dinner, walk around for an hour or so, then drinking wine in the room, more sex and falling asleep in each others arms.

There was this amazing, almost instantaneous level of physical comfort between Ann and I.  Whatever worries or nerves we might have had in our heads, or our hearts, our bodies had none of that. We fell into each other as though rediscovering an old love. Sleeping, having sex, and holding each other, our bodies just worked perfectly together.

cuddling after(click to see full comic)

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