Naked Thursday #4

For those of you unfamiliar with Naked Thursday, read the first post.

There are some things that are good to do on Naked Thursday and some things that aren’t so good.

One of the things that isn’t so good is cooking on the Bar-B-Q.

Naked BBQ


He just got some Cayenne pepper on his pecker, that’s going to really hurt in a few seconds.  Cayenne pepper on his pecker, say that five times fast.

It might surprise some of you to think that fire, spicy ingredients, grease, hot metal, and burning meat might not mix so well with nudity.  This poor nude Blogger is lucky that he only spilled the sauce on his manhood instead of mistaking it for another hot dog.

Another thing that doesn’t go well with Naked Thursday?  Trips to the ER.


If you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see featured on Naked Thursday leave a comment below.

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