Sex and Marriage are for Procreation?

One of the new trends in the homophobic, fundamental, conservative groups around the US is to use “procreation” as a justification to avoid giving homosexuals the right to marry.  They claim that Marriage is purely about procreation and since homosexuals cannot procreate they should not be allowed to marry.

That’s the biggest piece of BS I’ve heard in a long time.  And yet the argument has somehow made it to the US Supreme Court.

What does marriage have to do with procreation?  Absolutely nothing.  Justices, you heard it here first.

What?  Yeah, you read it.  Marriage and procreation are two totally different things, completely and utterly unrelated.

I’m not an expert on marriage vows, but I pretty sure there’s nothing in there that says “And I will impregnate you with my sperm.  The spermatozoa will travel from my penis into your uterus and fertilize your eggs.  Our chromosomes will join together and that egg will grow and multiply for the next 9 months until a child is born of our union.”

Marriage = Procreation?  That is stupid on so many levels. Continue reading