Talk Clean to Me

When I’m bored I check the WordPress posts tagged with “sex”, I can usually find something amusing, entertaining, or offensive.

I recently found this blog, Sierra Parker, that seems to be dedicated to promoting male chastity to increase intimacy in relationships.

This sounded unique, which made it interesting, so I checked it out.

It looks like the author’s theory is that some men are so focused on the physical aspect of sex that they don’t experience any other kind of intimacy in a relationship.  So, if he becomes chaste he’ll have to focus on everything else instead of himself.  She encourages physical closeness, even being sexual with your partner, but discourages the male orgasm.

She even mentions chastity belts that make arousal painful for men so that they avoid even thinking about sex or masturbation.

This is an interesting theory and might actually help some relationships.  I could see guys that are so focused on getting their rocks off they don’t learn to enjoy the other aspects of a good relationship.

sexy-doctor-kI’m pretty sure Sierra Parker looks like this.

But the problem was, reading her blog was getting me all hot under the collar.  Despite using more clinical terms like ejaculation, penis, clitoris, vagina, she was describing sex tips.

“Softer, slower, and quieter entry may be better. Movement needs to be so as to stimulate both partners, and give pleasure for both. There are so many nerve endings at the entry to the vagina, and around the clitoris which can be stimulated, and you need to find the best position to use for penetration and pleasure.” Post

Or in this post on Tantric sex:

“The connection at a mental level that comes from the connection of the two bodies physically gives pleasure. Once the penis is inserted into the vagina there is no thrusting, no hard movement, but more a quiet rocking back and forth, which excites both and can lead to orgasm.” Post

Hell, yeah.  I’m reading this blog about Male chastity and I’m getting a hard on.  The irony alone is causes further arousal.  Or in her words, I become more fully “engorged”.  Is it wrong to jack off to a blog written about avoiding male orgasms?

Yes, talk dirty to me.

Or talk clinically to me, apparently that works too.

2 thoughts on “Talk Clean to Me

  1. Is it wrong to jack off to a blog written about avoiding male orgasms?


    I find this highly entertaining. I really do.

    If only because I think that’s the reaction you’re meant to have =)

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