Creeped the Fuck Out

As a kid I loved Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  Up until a couple nights ago, I would fondly remember the show whenever it was brought up.  Now, all of those happy memories are ruined.  I was watching a special on PBS, when the show was over the following video came on:

I’m not entirely sure why this “remix” creeps me out so badly, but it does.  Maybe it’s the talk of cat eyes glowing in the dark.  Maybe it’s the eerie auto-tuned voice.  Or maybe it’s something about his eyes staring into my soul, then the rapid repeating of scenes, but I feel like Mr. Rogers is trying to fuck with my head.  I get the distinct impression that if you play the song backwards you might hear the voice of the devil.  The devil speaking with the voice of Bill Hicks.

Yeah, thanks PBS for ruining my childhood hero.  And my chance at a straight eight hours of sleep tonight.

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