A Funny Conversation

I’m not usually one of those guys that posts text conversations, but this one was just too funny not to record.  It’s between me and Julie (a la, Long Distance Friends With Benefits).

man and woman texting



I just stopped at my favorite Korean corner store on the way home.  I’ve been going there for two years.  Today, I noticed they have a huge rack in the corner full of DVD porn.  Huge rack.  Two years, just noticed it today.


Yeah, tripped me out.  Did a double take right there in the store.

Can’t imagine any sells with the internet availability.

In a store that caters to impulse purchases, alcohol, and late nights?  I bet they do very well.

Lol, perhaps yes.

Stop there after a rough night at the bar, go home alone or go home with XXX?  Easy choice.  It’s probably a good thing I never noticed, I’d have a collection going.

 You like porn?  Anything in particular?

Mostly lesbians.  I have a theory that heterosexual porn is directed by gay guys.  They spend almost the whole time focused on dick.  I don’t watch porn to see dick, I watch for the chicks… and thus lesbian porn is my preference.

A fun side note: that was really annoying to write because my phone kept changing dick to Rick.

Lol, I watch porn to see Rick.