Naked Thursdays

When I got divorced I decided it was time to institute a policy that I’d been dreaming about for years.

Naked Thursdays.

For various reasons I wasn’t able to start the policy immediately after the  divorce.  Now, I think it’s finally time to drop my drawers and enjoy the freedom of Naked Thursday.

Before you ask, I don’t plan on posting photos of myself on Naked Thursday.  This is about the principle of the matter, not an excuse to post photos of myself; though I have to admit I can be quite photogenic if the room is poorly lit.  This is about freedom, gratuitous nudity, and freaking out the neighbors.

So, here I sit, writing to all of you, and instead of being in my boxers like every other day I’m totally nude.

Naked Thursday

Talented Artists Representation of a Blogger on Naked Thursday

To explain a little bit, clothing is like a mask that we put on in public.  It covers and disguises us, it hides our blemishes, it highlights our good qualities, it represents our social and cultural standing in society.  So, what happens when you take all of that away?  You feel naked (pun intended), vulnerable, exposed.  You can’t hide the aspects of your body that make you uncomfortable or self conscious.

And if that means that I get to see any female visitors naked, that’s just a fringe benefit.

If the policy is going to be taken seriously there must be rules:

1. Unless I’m at work I’ve got to be naked

2. Anyone coming to my place must strip off all clothing before entering on Thursday.

3. Everything, all tasks, no matter what, must be completed nude.

4. Boxers, briefs, loin clothes, etc. do not count as being nude.  Clothing is not optional.

5. It is ok to put towels down on seats/couches to maintain cleanliness on NT.

6. A sign will be posted on my door “Naked Thursday in Progress” so that anyone who knocks cannot later sue for inappropriate behavior (hopefully the Girl Scouts can read).

7. The only acceptable reason to bypass NT would be children coming over with guests.

8. If NT is bypassed, the following day will become Naked Friday.

So, what happens when we’re naked?  Stay tuned for adventures in Naked Thursdays.


And if you have any suggestions for things you’d like to see featured on Naked Thursday you can leave it in the comments below or email me at

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