Phone Sex

For many, many years I had no interest in phone sex.  I’d tried it a couple times when I was younger, but it just seemed like this really pale comparison to the real thing.  Mutual masturbation over the phone, it was just weak.  Half the time it would have been better to just to use my imagination instead of stroking myself while simultaneously trying to think of sexy things to say.

Recently, that feeling has totally changed.

I “met” this really awesome woman on an online writing workshop we were both doing.  We started exchanging emails, doing some chatting, and eventually were calling each other.  All of this was pretty flirty, we’d even sent each other some dirty pictures.

One night, there is a suggestion made that we have some fun on the phone.  With my history, with the opinion that phone sex is far less rewarding than real sex, I was slightly hesitant with this.  I mean, it was better than nothing, but not even close to as much fun as the real thing.

So, I call her.  We start off with some day-to-day chit chat and eventually work around to talking about sex.  What I would do if I were there.

This is when something interesting happens.  Through the phone I can hear her breath start to quicken.  I talk about slowly unbuttoning her shirt, kissing her all down her front as the cloth pulls away from her skin.  She lets out a small moan.  I talk about sliding off her pants, playing with her panties with my tongue.  Her breath gets even faster, her moans get louder and more frequent.  Slowly sliding off her panties, rubbing and kissing her legs.  I kiss her up and down her thighs, each time spending a little bit longer on her clit before moving to the other thigh. Continue reading