A little bit of background

Alright, so I mentioned before that I’ve been blogging for a while.  It’s a lot of history and I’m not going to try and fill you in on all the sordid little details, but I can give you a bit of a high-light reel.

I was married to a cheating spouse for almost 10 years, the last half of that time we were in an open relationship.  As a very naive, idealistic, inexperienced young man from a small town the whole situation with Cat was insane.  I felt like I had to constantly reevaluate my position on things, what I was comfortable with, and how relationships are supposed to work.  To say that my horizons were expanded would be a major understatement.  Toward the end of the marriage I was seeing three women at the same time.  Someone left the barn door open and the horses were gone for good.

Cat and I divorced about two years ago, she got remarried and moved away.  Since then there have been various dates, relationships, and experiences over that time.  Funny stories and all, but nothing all that important.

Currently, I’m single, cynical, I drink too much, and spend hours writing about how screwed up society is, or how crazy women are, or why relationships suck.  Or whatever else has pissed me off, made me think, or I think is funny.  I tend to harp a bit about how screwed up women are but I think we can all safely chalk that up to a recent lack of sex.  One moment I’ll be a bit of a hopeless romantic, the next I’ll tell a story about the best BJ I’ve ever gotten.  The only aspect of my writing that is constant is that I’m scrupulously honest, I’ll  smudge details and names to protect the guilty but otherwise I try and be as honest as possible.  What’s the point of posting anonymously if you can’t be honest?

You can check out all my old posts at idsredbook.blogspot.com and stay tuned here for any updates.

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