Trying Out WordPress

I’ve been blogging for the past few years but the old site seems to be dying a slow death… So, I thought I would try something here and see if the scene is any more active.  I’m already irritated by the site layout, which seems designed to be as difficult to use as possible, but we’ll see how it goes.

I blog anonymously so I can be as honest about my life, observations, relationships, as possible without offending any of the people actually involved in my life.  Personally, I think that’s the fallacy of Facebook, it’s so public that you can’t get beyond superficial posts, there’s absolutely no way to be honest without pissing off friends, family, or coworkers.  So, my blog is my sounding board, my therapist, my drinking buddy, where I can spout off about whatever is important at that moment without worrying about repercussions.

It would be pretty ridiculous to try and move my old posts over here.  There’s years and years of stories, rantings, and drunken exposition.  If you’re interested in previous posts visit .